"We made it!"

Jack exclaimed those words when he woke up to us pulling into our garage. Then as I pulled him out of his carseat he said "I'm so excited I'm home!"

We came home on O2, that I hope to get rid of at our post-op appt. in one week. Jack is on Lasix, Alkadone, Loratab and his usual baby asprin. He is in his room that is well equipped with toys, TV, Dominic, and the continuous flow O2 machine. We are happy to be home, and are so grateful to everyone up at Primary's.

Here are some pictures- I finally got off my camera.

Saying goodbye to the PICU (forever...)

Our nice Nurse Jill, who welcomed us when we got to the PICU, and was there to bid us farewell.

Jack's first trip out of his bed, to see the trains.

His BEAUTIFUL hand...

Sleeping on the frog. Thanks Sam..

Our new room on the surgical floor..

Our third trip to go see trains, Jack could stand.

Jack showing the bunny the trains (thanks Christensens..)


Two women who made Jack possible. Linda and Bonnie, they've known Jack since the beginning. 

The tired family- who ALL spent the night in this room, and were awoken by nurses, or IV teams, or radiology all through the night.

Someone who's never been so happy to be strapped into his carseat.

Again- everyone, thank you so much for helping us through this week. It really seemed like forever and at some points I thought it would never end. We will be SO excited to have a healthy boy, that pushed through 3 open heart surgeries like a CHAMP. 

He sat up today with his hands on his chest and said "Mom! I"m much better!"


Katie said…
Congratulations!!! What a great day! Keeping Jack in my prayers for no O's in a week :) What a little rockstar!!!
Molly said…
What a huge accomplishment! He looks incredible. I hardly recognize him. I look forward to seeing him. It has been an incredible journey and you have all done great.
WOW Jack, what a miracle! We look up to your family in so many ways, so glad you are home!
Awesome Mom said…
Woo hoo for being home! That is always one of the best feelings.
Wright Family said…
This is so awesome it makes me want to cry! I am so happy you guys are home and that Jack did so well!
Gavin's Mama said…
Great news... our son Gavin will have his Fontan next Wed. so this post is definitely uplifting to us!
carolyn q said…
Yippee for being able to come home. I hope that before long that O2 is a thing of the past.

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