uppers and downers

The new chest tube has drained about 170 cc's total now. The fat that the drainage is tapering off, is a good sign. He is VERY weak, and VERY lethargic. He won't eat anything. Not even his asprin. I had to crush it up into his juice. We are lucky he drinks juice. But he hasn't had food for 5 days now, and it's starting to show in his behavior, not to mention his sunken eyes. We are trying to get him to drink pedialyte, and pediasure, so he can get SOME nutrients into his body. Hopefully- when the ches tube comes out, (which probably won't be till tuesday) that things will turn around.

On a lighter note- everyone is being SO generous with the gifts. You are all truly so thoughtful. All the Easter Baskets, and toys, and stuffed creatures, and books, everything is wonderful. Thank you so much for going out of your way.

He is sleeping comfortably right now- and his heart rate is in the 130-140's. We are still using the blow-by for oxygen and he can still have loratab for pain.

Tomorrow we will definitely move to the floor. Despite all the times I've said that- because we had to do some serious fenaggling (sp) to get us another night in the PICU. We like the one-on-one nurses.


the lockes said…
You were on our minds all day today. Sorry for the panicky phone call. You are both doing a great job being so patient with the situation and Jack. We love you. Libbie and Woofie do too
Suzi said…
It is 8:45 a.m. Monday morning, and we checked the update that you so consistently and nobly do for all of us who care so much about Jack. We sincerely pray inside that today will be a better day. Please know we continue to keep Jack in our prayers. We love you. Suzi
Jergs Family said…
I'm glad that things seem to be better today. We are praying for him too, and hope that things will continue to improve! Charlie and Lola can always boost one's spirits. Love, Monica

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