Happy Easter

So this morning was just as bad as yesterday. He couldn't find a comfortable position, and was restless and telling us his tummy hurt. They put the new chest tube in his right side, and TONS AND TONS of fluid came out. It's added up so far to 145 cc's, which is about the volume of a tennis ball. And that has been pressing on his insides. I could tell, after the chest tube went in, he felt some relief, but the nurse made it quite clear that chest tubes are painful, so now he is in pain because of the chest tube. (neverending)

But I am, and I'm sure HE is, relieved that all that fluid has been released. The chest tube will stay in for at least another day while the excess drains. He threw up earlier, after having two sippie cups full of apple juice/water. They tried to give him medication and he just couldn't handle it all. So hopefully this loratab he held down will help him rest. He hasn't slept much today and needs a rest.

They plan on moving us up to the floor today (the recovery unit), but depending on him, and the charge nurse getting around to moving us up there- we could be here another night. So stay tuned.

Thank you Jill- for enduring the "procedure" with us this morning..


Jergs Family said…
We love you Lisa, Josh and Jack! We're praying for you all - what do you need? I really would love to come help tomorrow, if you need me. I could be there from around 1:00 to 2:00 - I know it isn't much, but if you need me, I'll be there. Let me know. Love to all of you! Monica
Leslie said…
I'm keeping you guys in my thoughts and prayers. Let me know if I can help. I don't have to work on Tuesday and would be happy to come relieve you or run errands or whatever you guys need. Call or text me, I would love to assist. I'll facebook email you my phone number in case you don't have it and don't hesitate to use it. Take care!
Liz said…
We talked to my mom and she said she had just left you at the hospital. Will and Isaac wanted to talk to Jack and were asking about him. They are very concerned and want to play with him when we come in July. Tell him to get better soon because his "friends" are coming to play at Auntie Susan's this summer.

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