Almost there

Kind of a long night- it wasn't bad, just long. Josh went home and I stayed with Jack. He didn't fall asleep till 12:30, then they came in at 1am to give him pain meds. Then he wanted to watch another movie. And at 3am he got more meds, and they took his vitals. At 4:30 he asked for some "pirate cheetos" (Pirate's Booty, thanks Lar) and we munched on those. I fell asleep scratching his back, and at 5 he asked for ANOTHER show. He fell asleep. Then at 5:30, they came in and took some blood (not fun). They took the blood, and and he fell asleep. At 6:00 they came in and said "time for an x-ray" so we loaded up Jack, his 02, and his chest tube tank onto a wheel chair and went back down to the 2nd floor to radiology for an x-ray. Then we came back and fell asleep. At 6:30- the doctors came in and Bonnie said "we're going to take the chest tube out in 20 min".

So-we got about, 10 minutes of sleep.

But better a night of movies than a night of crying and pain filled tossing and turning. He did well.

So the chest tube is out, and we are feeling ALOT more comfortable. Still eating. Bonnie said we will most likely go home tomorrow, unfortunately on oxygen.

If ANYONE has any tips on how to keep a three year-old from tearing his 02 off while he is at home, trying to run around with an oxygen tank....please....share.

Otherwise, he is GREAT, he played with toys last night and even laughed a few times. It's so nice to see he is still in there.


Wright Family said…
What terrific news! I am so glad that Jack is feeling better and going home soon. Also, very cool that his fingers are all pink, even under the nails! I bet he is going to be a handful to keep up with after he fully recovers from this surgery :) Jen
Jenn said…
I'm glad everything is going so well.. Boo to going home on O2 but yeah for going home. I don't have any tips for when you are at home but when you are out & about a small O2 tank fits into a Camelback backpack perfectly.
Melissa said…
I am sorry it is so hard to rest in the hospital!! I hope tonight is better!
Kyle and Alli said…
Sounds like a rough night. Yikes. Hopefully you get some sleep today while Josh can spell you!
Awesome Mom said…
Woo hoo for almost being home! With Evan they just ripped the oxygen off the day before he was supposed to go home. Apparently kids like him can kind of get addicted to the oxygen and start depending on it so they decided to just challenge his body a bit and remove it all together. He did fine and did not have to come home on oxygen even though his sats were a bit on the low side. That changed as he healed at home and they rose to his current baseline of 90%. I hope you get some sleep! I know how hard it is to sleep in a hospital.

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