ok rough morning.
-angry child
-high heart rate
-02 down
- tummy hurts
-took out ALL chest tubes
-still has fluid in left side, putting pressure on lung
-hope diuretic helps him get rid of the fluid
-still not eating much
-threw up a whole bunch of apple juice
-finally fell asleep for a good nap (11:30a)
-we ARE in the PICU another night
-we MAY take him in a wagon for a walk outside of the PICU
-holding off on visitors, unless I've spoken with you about it on the phone

We'll keep you updated.


Jergs Family said…
Oh, Lisa. Hang in there - these pictures are heart wrenching for me to see. What do you need? I could come spell you for an hour or so tomorrow afternoon if you need it. Let me know. Love to all of you!

I am happy to come help tomorrow too! I know you probably want to be there with him, but if you need help, PLEASE let me know!
Sharp's Flat said…
I'm going to have Sunny and Molly take Grandpa and Liz to the airport so I'll come up before 5. Is there anything you want me to bring to help build up his spirits? I'll see you soon.

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