I'm posting only because I had to get out of the PICU because I couldn't watch him anymore. He looks absolutely miserable, and on top of that seems depressed. He is so uncomfortable, and can't sit still for too long, he is restless and doesn't seem to find a comfortable position. It is breaking my heart. I KNOW there is light at the end of this tunnel, but it is impossible for me to see, as long as his oxygen keeps de-satting when we take it off, and as long as he is so lethargic and has no desire to do anything. To eat, talk, get better. Please pray for his spirits, because they are low.

I'm not sure how tonight will go, if we are going to stay or leave.

Tomorrow we'll have the chest x-ray to see how the fluid in his right (it's right, not left) side is doing, and if they will need to put another chest tube in. In which case he'll have no food or drink for 3 hours, and then be sedated again. Poor thing hasn't been in his right mind since we got here.

So I'll let you all know how he is doing tomorrow.


Suzi said…
oh little Jack...and Josh and Lisa...this too shall pass...what an agonizing time this is right now. we are praying with our hearts, earnestly, on this Easter Sunday for your little family, and especially Jack....and we will continually pray for him...know that you are not alone...there are so many angels attending....we love love love you...we will stay away but our hearts are right up there with you...suzi and john

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