I'm sorry- but is he not the cutest. How many kids smile this big when they're in the hospital.

Chest tube was removed this morning. Already he is moving around better and eating better. We actually SLEPT last night! (Between vitals and blood draws and x-rays) But this mornings x-ray went very well, and Jack was VERY cooperative, he held his arms out before they even asked and was so good. (The morphine is helping with his friendliness...)
So now that the tube is removed, depending on tomorrow's x-ray, we could be discharged tomorrow. A great birthday present for Josh..

I'm of course nervous, but he seems to be doing really well, and in addition to the pleural effusion, has had more time to heal from surgery. We'll still go home on O2, but we'll come back on wednesday to see how he is doing.

Thank you so much for all the prayers and kind words. And those friends I don't see often, I love you guys for even thinking of us. I'll let you know how he does today- and what the word is for tomorrow.


Lori J said…
You dont know me, but my son Hayden just had the Fontan done in Nov. and had the same complications as your little guy. Hayden is now 8 and has had all his surgeries done at Primaries. Thanks for blog, I have just started one myself, nice to see others out there have children with major heart conditions, so were not alone. Hope your little guy gets better fast, Hayden is a completely diffrent kid, the fontan has been great, he is not blue, sats are at 95, yeah!!!!! and he can run like other kids, finally a true boy. would love to chat if you ever have any questions about the fontan. email at, thanks again your blogs great.
Kyle and Alli said…
I LOVE this picture. SO CUTE! We miss you guys already. I hope that Jack is having a wonderful day celebrating Josh's birthday today at home!

Thanks for being there last night and today. It really meant so much to me. So so much. Just nice to have a hug from a friend who understands and knows the right questions to ask when I feel too out of it to comprehend what is going on.

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