Pre-Op prepped.

We had a great pre-op today, Jack was a champ. We listened to his heart, got a chest x-ray, drew some blood, and came home with a whole bag of goodies. Tomorrow it's up and at'em at 6:00, and surgery is scheduled to begin at 8am.

We'll update this blog throughout the day.

Thank you ALL for the love and support. And to those who have gotten Jack gifts, you have made him a happy boy. It's like Christmas. Seriously.

Love you all.


Aimee Hardy said…
We'll be thinking about you all day. Good luck Jack!
Our thoughts and prayer are with you!

Suzi said…
Okay, it's 9:34 a.m. I haven't stopped thinking about the little guy...I'm on my way up...see you soon....xoxoxo suzi

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