De Ja Vu

So here we are at home again. It was very hard to leave the Hicken's behind, let alone in the PICU, but we need to get Jack on the road to recovery before he thinks he lives at Primary's.

This morning the NP asked if he'd like to go home and he said "No! I wanna stay at the hop-sital." So...yeah. Time to get out of there.

He is doing well (just like the last time we came home..) but he is on more O2, and more diuretic's to help prevent another effusion. He was very pleased to be home, and even after his nap, the first thing he said when he woke up was "Mommy! We're home!" As though he didn't believe it in the first place.

Right now he is playing with Dominic, who he was very excited to see.

We go back to Primary's on wednesday for the x-ray (another chance to get a bouncy ball. We now have 12.) That x-ray will hopefully tell us whether we are past this. Or it WILL tell us we are past this. I'm looking forward to it because I wanna make sure he is ok for good- but also because I get to visit my friends again :). Keep sending your prayers to Grant. (Save a few for us, too.)


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