New heart family-

We left tonight with Jack nice and asleep. (Our favorite way to end the night)

We know tonight is our last night in the PICU so we are taking advantage and letting the nurse do her thing. Jack had ELEVEN visitors today. He has the largest fan base. 

Despite his fits, he is still doing great. The nurse cut the prongs off his oxygen, so it isn't irritating his nose so much. So hopefully he'll have a better sleep.

We met baby Grant, and his parents Kyle and Alli. Grant is the CUTEST BABY IN THE PICU and he is doing well- at the moment, but has had a very rough road. So we wanted to send more prayers his way. But also, welcome him to the HLHS family.

Cutest baby, seriosuly.

Goodnight- sleep well, Jack.


Katie said…
I found your blog through Paul Cardall's. Thanks for all of the great information you're providing to us fellow heart mom's! We have the Fontan in our future as well so hearing how it can go is helpful, sounds like Jack is doing wonderfully! You can't blame him for the fits :) Keeping your little man in my prayers and thank you for your awesome blog!
Katie (Maddie's mom, HRHS)
jeffrey said…
Our daughter Hope had successful Fontan last June and is doing great! She had a setback with pleural effusion in October, but after adjusting her diuretics, she's holding her own. Jack, your entire family and medical staff are in our prayers.
Jeff and Laurie

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