Just Kidding,

We are back in the PICU. This morning Jack wasn't himself. Even the "new" himself. Both Josh and I knew something wasn't right. He wasn't getting out of bed, didn't want to walk around or play, didn't want to eat, and was coughing and gagging like he needed to throw up. These are ALL symptoms that he had the day before we put his last chest tube in. So we went up to primary's and lo, he had a MASSIVE pleural effusion on his right side again. It was so big that our nurse Linda didn't even break it to us slowly. She came out from looking at the x-ray with BIG eyes and said "HUGE."

So we admitted him into the PICU and they put in another chest tube, just like they did on Easter morning. This time, however, instead of the 'amazing' 100 cc's that came out on Easter- FOUR HUNDRED AND FIFTY cc's came flooding out of Jack. Poor thing. His lung was SO compressed he was barely able to breathe. We are now up to 600. So obviously, he is feeling much better. (Aside from the fact that he has the chest tube curled up in his chest..)

After that procedure he fell asleep and has been sleeping for about 4 hours. He is pretty wiped out. They have him on more diuretic's, morphine for pain, and about 2 litres of O2. His sat's are just ok, but should raise as the fluid drains. His blood tests came back showing good, protein, electrolyte and potassium levels, so that is very reassuring. Although with the new diuretic's his electrolyte level is going to be shot down again.

We are home- to get a good rest for tomorrow. We will most likely move up to the floor and wait for the chest tube to do its work up there. It's kind of like last Sunday all over again. 

This is very common with the Fontan. They see it all the time. Sometimes it happens 3 times. We are hoping it won't of course, but to put peoples minds at ease (particularly other heart mom's who are awaiting the Fontan..) this is a common occurence after this particular surgery. The body is getting used to the NEW OBJECT that has been plugged in to it and it's "weeping" all this fluid as it does so.

So yes, it is a huge bummer. But Jack was hurting pretty bad there for a bit, and I'm glad we figured it out and took care of it.

We'll keep everyone updated.


Awesome Mom said…
Poor kiddo! I hope that they can figure out where the fluid is coming from and stop it.
Christina said…
Holy cow, that is a ton of fluid! I am glad they are helping him but hope you are able to get back home soon.

Hugs & Prayers,
Jacob's Momma
Thank you for sharing Jack's journey. My youngest daughter, Abby, has HLHS and is awaiting her fontan. It looks like it will be sometime next spring/summer. It helps tremendously to follow other ids through what we all hope is the last surgery for them. So thank you.

-Alison (Abby's mom)

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