A peaceful moment

We got here to find out the poor nurse had a long night with Jack. He continuously tries to pull his O2 out and has been moving around alot. Hedid aggrivate one chest tube, and it's bleeding just a little, but nothing to be concerned about. We gave him some Loratab, and after a whole morning of wrestling with our poor little boy, who is all doped upand out of his mind- he has finally fallen asleep. It's so nice to see him just rest. We've given him some juice, but he can't drink too much, because they are already trying to drain his fluid filled body. We've also sat him up and tried to talk to him a little. He IS responsive, and if you tell him to cough he'll try to cough. And he was fake sneezing...like he does sometimes. So he's still Jack.

I'm assuming he'll be in the PICU another night. But we'll see how the day goes.


Wright Family said…
Glad he is sleeping.
Christina said…
IT must be so hard with him knowing what is going on. I hope they can keep him calm and resting comfortably!

Hugs & Prayers,
Jacob's Momma
Laura Lee said…
Those nurses are so great. Glad to hear he's resting now.

I'll come up right after work.
Jergs Family said…

I am so glad to hear that the surgery went well! I was thinking about you and little Jack all day yesterday and you have been in our prayers. This is definitely the hard part - the recovery and dealing with all those tubes. Poor little guy! And poor mommy Lisa! Hang in there - you are all truly amazing and strong. We are thinking of you and hope that all continues to go well. Love you!
Aimee Hardy said…
Cute, busy Jack. The good news is he's a fighter. Hopefully that will get him all better and out of there in no time. I hope you are all able to get some rest tonight.
Sharp's Flat said…
I got to spend a couple of hours with him today, which was great because most of the time he was sleeping, but when he is awake he just wants to drink and get rid of all of the tubes etc. He is very brave as are his mom and dad. I'll see you tomorrow Jack my boy!
WOW I can't imagine going through this. But you guys are doing great! I am glad you have had a peaceful moment. Can't wait for it to be over and him to be home with you. Prayers and thoughts are still with you!!
I hope the day has been peaceful, sending lots of love and prayers. The Glen was hard, but the Fontan must be so hard...them being older and all.

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