Jack's surgery is comlete, he did a great job. His surgeons said he was in GREAT condition and that everything went smooth. It took a little while to get through his scar tissue, but once they did that the procedure went by quickly. He is off bypass and he is being closed up. The surgeon will be talking to us shortly and we will see him soon in the PICU.

I'll update after we see him- as soon as I can.

Thanks for all your love and support. Everyone has been wonderful. And thank you SO much to my Aunts, Suzi and Jill, who came and sat with us through the whole surgery. They kept our spirits up and kept our minds occupied.

Love you all-


the dudette said…
So glad all went well.
Hello, my name is Allison and I am also a member of IHH. My son Ethan also has HLHS and is roughly due for his Fontan this Fall. I heard from another blog that Jack was having his surgery this morning and have been watching closely for an update. If it's ok, I will be following your recovery since we will be in your shoes soon. I am glad that the surgery went well. Now go and love that little man of yours! Take care.

(ethanjamescurtis.blogspot.com if you are interested)

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