Here are a few images, they are in order of time, so the most recent his him sleeping, at the bottom. Looking peaceful and comfortable. That's right before we left tonight. Good night Jack! Sweet dreams...and don't let the bed buggers bite.


Liz said…
We are thinking about you and checking the blog everyday to see how Jack is doing. I hope you are doing o.k. as well. We love you!

Liz, Josh and kiddos
Melissa said…
Sounds like you have the best nurses! I am so glad they helped get Jack new meds! What a difference. Good luck!
Melissa - IHH
Lindz said…
Cute little guy! He just looks so tiny in that bed! You guys are in our prayers!
Suzi said…
oh those pictures of sweet little Jack in that great big bed. Sometimes he can look at these pics and say,"Hmmmm, I don't remember a thing"..well, it looks like things are moving ahead...he is sleeping a little better, (what do I know) We hope Mom and Dad are doing okay, getting a few winks...we hope to come up later this afternoon to say "hello"...we love you and know that all will be well....suzi
acrspeech said…
I love you guys Lis.

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