We had a pretty good day. He had one or two set backs with O2. He absolutely refuses to leave it alone when he is awake. So he is better off asleep.

He did have alot of visitors today. It was so awesome to see the support! Thank you guys all for coming up. He was happy to see you. Although, when are alot of people in there at once I think it is a bit over-stimulating, and I think from now on we are going to reduce the visitors to 1-2 people at a time, so he doesn't get so excited. It isn't that he isn't happy to see everyone- it's just that he wants to get up and socialize, but can't cause he is still groggy.

We will be in the PICU one more night. He'll have his other chest tubes taken out tomorrow, and we should move to recovery.

Thanks everyone for coming up to see us, and bringing sweet things. I love you all.

The nurses still love him, despite his little oxygen fits!


Sharp's Flat said…
Please let me know when is a good time to come up and "relieve" you.

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