The Problem

If you were to look up "Pleural Effusion".... this is what it would look like.
Image on right- BEFORE chest tube, image on left- AFTER chest tube.
Blue circle is around his poor lung that had no space to expand, giving him little room to breathe.
He is feeling much better, with those 700cc's of fluid out of his chest.
Quotes regarding x-ray-
"If you threw a dart at that image you couldn't HELP but hit the effusion!" --cardio surgeon
"It's HUGE." --NP
"A Janitor could look at that and say that's alot of fluid.." --Dr. Stevens


Katie said…
Poor little guy! That is a lot of fluid! I'm so glad you got that taken care of...crossing our fingers for no more P.F.'s!!!
carolyn q said…
EEKKSS! I am sorry that you are back at PCMC. It's good that you caught it as soon as you did. I hope that he is doing better.

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