The hard part..

After Jack was extubated he gradually began waking up Josh and I would sit by him and try to keep him calm. After the shift change at 8pm he started to wake up even more, and it was getting harder and harder to keep him still. He'd sit up which yanks all the things attached to him. Every time he reaches his oxygen to pull it out we have to (3 of us) hold him down to get it back on. Jack has never been comfortable with things invading his body, but now he is old enough to do something about it. Josh told me to go lie down in the "bedroom" they had provided for us, but I wasn't getting any sleep due to the noise, and at midnight he came to tell me that Jack would try to sit up every minute and he thought we should both go home and let the nurse do her job, which was to take care of Jack.

It was hard to leave, and though I did get some sleep it wasn't restful. My heart is racing right now knowing that he is probably awake and we aren't there. So I'm going to get dressed and head up right now.

I'll let you know how he is doing later on.


Kelly D. said…
Poor Jack! And poor Josh and Lisa! Good luck today! We love you!
Sharp's Flat said…
Lisa. please call me and tell me what i can do. do you need me to come up to the hospital and give you a rest? just call.
Wendi said…
I found your blog through Paul Cardall's. My almost 13 year old daughter has epilepsy and we've spent approximately a month of her life at Primary Children's. Not fun when they're restrained by wires and tubes like that. Your poor little guy has it much worse, though. I wanted you to know that we are praying for you--even though we don't even know you. Prayers are heard no matter who's doing the praying, though. :) Best of luck to you all!
Wright Family said…
Lisa I will pray it gets easier from here on out. Poor sweet Jack :( This is the part we all dread. Thankfully it will be over soon and he will be back home with you.

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