I'm very tired. So here's a summarized version of the last 24 hours.

-Jack didn't sleep last night. He was in pain and at 2am I had them give him morphine, which usually knocks him out, but this time cheered him right up, and we watched all the Gabba's, CARS, Toy Story and Madagascar.
-By then it was 5am and we did x-ray and labs. (only one poke this time)
-Fell asleep by 7am, woke up at 8 for vitals and rounds.
-slept till 10am.
- woke up for some chicken nuggets, didn't eat a whole lot.
-very cheerful in the morning
-took a nice nap from 12:30-2:30
-was woken up for vitals and meds
-from that point on, very very irritable and acting like he was hurting
-had a hard time communicating what the problem was
-I caved and gave him more morphine
-now he is playing GI Joe with Kyle, Grant's dad.

It's hard to say what could be causing him so much discomfort, because it could obviously be the chest tube, or the fact that he hasn't pooped since Monday, or that his potassium is VERY low (again) and he won't take the medication for it, and could be cramping up.

Surgeons and NP decided against the Chylo diagnosis, since his chest tube hasn't had much output in the last day. So we are going to leave it in another day, then take it out, and stay here a day or two to see if it accumulates again.

That's all for now. I'm hoping he sleeps tonight or I may lose my mind. I wish I could go home and have Josh stay, but he wants me. What mother can say no.


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