Jack has had a GREAT day so far. He's had some visiors, who he says hello to. He even told Evan "Happy Birthday". And he asked Lyndsey "Where's Libbie and Woofie?" (Libbe and Sophia, her twins. And Jack's girlfriends.)

He is talking really well, and he is very alert. He played a little bit with some toys. He is allowed to eat now- so we may try some food later.

Thank you again for the visits. They help break up our day, and I know Jack is happy to see all his friends.

Well post again later tonight.

OH, the echo looked good, and depending on bed availability, we could move up to recovery tonight.


Wright Family said…
I'm glad he is doing so well :)
We are planning on coming by tom!! Evan wanted to stay all day, but I told him we had BIRTHDAY stuff to do! Hope the night goes well for ALL involved:) We luv you guys!!
Heidi McMillan said…
So glad he is doing well. What an amazing little boy and family your have!

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