Another day-

We've successfully made it through the "crucial 24 hours after surgery". Jack had a rough morning, and we discovered it was the adavan that sent him to crazyland. Our nurse today was AWESOME, and we discovered that loratab is a good thing for Jack. It works well. Progressively thoughout the day Jack became more and more cooperative. Don't get me wrong- he still is grabbing and tugging at everything attached to him, but he at least can be calmed down. Usually with juice, or loratab. He had ANOTHER good nap after the one I mentioned this morning. And another while we left for shift-change. He is asleep right now, and the night nurse is awesome. He said that while we were gone Jack woke and looked around for a second, then asked for some juice. He gave him the juice, Jack said "thank you" and went back to sleep.

Josh and I are going to spent the night at home again, so we can rebuild our physical and mental strength. Tomorrow we should move into the recovery floor, where we won't have 24 our private nurse care. So we need our energy.

Thank you so much to Auntie Sue, who spent some time with Jack while we had lunch, and had to deal with a few fits. She is so good with him, and I can leave feeling comfortable she is there with him.

Also, my dear friend lyndsey and her husband tyson, who were there for poops, fits, naps and juices. You guys are so awesome and it's SO comforting to have Jack be with people that really love him. Thank you Lynds for staying with him.

He is comfortable- so we can all be glad for that. And for this night nurse...

God bless poor Ellen, that was with Jack last night. May she be well rested..


Sharp's Flat said…
get some rest and i'll talk to you in the a.m.
the dudette said…
I can't wait to see him tomorrow.

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