Get ready for a familiar headline: SURGERY POSTPONED!

We decided to make it a tradition- to postpone major heart surgeries. We find it fun to give our family and friends a specific date, let everyone send us their prayers and support for weeks, then suddenly change the date on them.

We think it's fun.

No, no we don't. Dr. Su called this morning, after the surgeons conferenced to discuss Jack's case they concluded that Jack is too small. MY BAD. They are afraid that if they put a conduit in his heart that corresponds with his size, that they will eventually have to upgrade it and do it AGAIN after he gets bigger and out grows it. That is exactl what we DON'T want is another surgery.

So we are going to take two months to pump Jack full of butter and whole milk, and hope that he goes from his 22 lbs to between 26-28. That may not sound like much, but Jack has been 22 lbs for about 4-6 months now...

If in Mid-August he hasn't gained the weight, we'll discuss doing the surgery anyway. We'll just HAVE TO WAIT AND SEE!

I'm not too upset, as now we'll have a summer to have fun and play now. Yay.


Nat said…
Keep giving him peanut butter M & M's. He seems to like those.

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