Cath, part 2

I don't have the time to be creative with my writing, so I'll be quick and simple...

The cath went well, he is doing well and has been deemed surgery bound. I was the first to see him and he was possessed by demons. There was throwing, screaming, spitting, and serious anger management issues. He wan't in pain, because he was quite medicated, but he was upset that he was being restrained by the legs and arms by 3 nurses. And myself.

By the time Josh came in Jack had had his second dose of some sort of narcotic that wasn't cutting it. So we decided to go old school and I picked him up and held him. That calmed him down, but he wasn't supposed to be curled up. Oh well.

We moved up to the surgical unit to a very comfortable room where he calmed down and became more of himself, chatting with the nurses and watching Max and Ruby. He ate pizza and drank a bunch of water. His oxygen took a dip into the 60's for awhile that made all of us nervous and simply annoyed because he was just fine and had a blow by (oxygen mask) blowing at full strength next to his face.

Regardless, the doctors gave us permission to discharge at 10pm and we are counting down the minutes.

So long story short...all is well, and jack is fine, just pissed off.


Ilene said…
We like 'em pissed off, right? Ultimately, he's a fighter... the lover part can come later.
HollyRenee said…
Sounds like quite the pre-procedure party:) So glad Jacki Poo is home and "happy!"
I'm glad everything went well...Poor little guy. Good for you to just hold him. I'm glad you guys are home.
wow I really can't imagine. you and josh and very strong. I am trying to unbderstand all of the cath stuff. I have doing my research. I will keep posted. Love that little cutie guy!
Jen Wright said…
Hello, just found your blog. My daughter has HLHS and her surgeon is also Dr. K at Primary! I will be watching for updates and praying for Jack and your family. Will you please add my blogspot to your HLHS Family spot?

Glad the Cath went well, other than just royally pissing him off.
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