Cath, part 1

So Jack was ridiculously well-behaved this morning and didn't give us any grief about not being able to eat. We left early and went to the pet store for some good puppy fun, and headed to the hospital. He had a blast in the waiting room, playing with a toy car that he was able to "drive" around. Then he was really good with Dr. Cowley, who will be performing the cath. We recieved some good news from him. If all goes perfectly well, then we should be able to come home tonight. We also learned that he'll be having a cath put in both his neck, and his leg, which is a bummer- but they gotta do what they gotta do.

The nurses usually are what gets to Jack, and when they start poking and prodding him he makes it known he is uncomfortable. So after getting vitals, we met the Anesthesiologist who has been with Jack before, and he made us feel very comfortable. We gave Jack his first dose of loopy juice and before we knew it, he was all glassy eyed and talkin jibberish. (aside from his usual jibberish)

We took him to the cath lab in a wagon and he quickly got more and more loopy, we video taped some of it, I'll try to post it. But then we kissed him good luck, and now here we are in our usual "waiting spot" on the 3rd floor.

Stay tuned.


Nat said…
Good good good.
HollyRenee said…
While reading this, I couldn't stop thinking about Jack's reaction to me giving you a thermometer the other day. I've never seen him run so fast. LOL

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