To remove...or NOT to remove.. TONSILITIS!

Jack has had strep probably 10 times in his lifetime, and he has had plenty of ear infections to compliment the strep. I myself, have horribly huge tonsils that I've been told need to be removed. And my husband had his taken out as a child. Jack was basically cursed with the humongous tonsils that cause him such grief. However, the heart doc's do NOT want him going under the knife for any other reason unless it is life threatening. (Or they are just being territorial..either way we don't argue.)

Does anyone out there know of a heart baby that has had their tonsils out? How did it go? Was it scary, or risky? Did they worry about bleeding?

I'm just curious. I hope he grows out of this, but each winter it is expected that we will need heavy doses of Amoxicillin (400mg/5ml) to fight off strep and help his throat out.

Last time we were at the Doctor Jack did his best to act scared during the routine he is SO familiar with at the Doctor's office. (We are regulars there.) While the Doc was listening to him, Jack said "Can we hurry this along? I'm going to be late for school....)


Aimee Hardy said…
Michelle Hiles daughter (transplant, around 4 or 5 years old) had hers out last fall and it was pretty scary. I don't remember details, but you should ask her. Poor Jack. It's always just one more thing.
The Popes said…
I love seeing your son doing so well. We are currently in a waiting game to see if our baby will have the third surgery or if we will have to go the route of transplant. Gabriel is doing awesome right now and I am SO thankful for that!
gerfy said…
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Lisa said…
I know this is an old post, but Eli had huge tonsils and had them removed at 1 1/2 years of age. It was before his heart repair and we had a hard time finding an ENT who was willing to do it. When we did, our cardiologist and the cardiac OR team went with him. From a heart standpoint he did great--they released his care the next day. The ENT kept him in the hospital for 5 days just to be sure. lol He did fine.

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