Third times the charm

So we are back here again, with another pleural effusion. It drained about 750 cc's so far, it's been two days. They don't know why it keeps reoccuring. They have decided to one more time treat it with diuretic's. We will take it slow with pulling the chest tube and sending us home, to make sure it doesn't start to happen again. But really, it it alot like last time we were here. So we'll be sure to get alot of x-ray's while we are home. If it DOEShappen again, they may cath him and open his PA's a little to lessen the pressure going through, which should help prevent fluid from being created.

That's the short story- the play-by-play is on this blog.

We will be here for at least 4 more days. We'll see.


The Pifer's said…
Tiffany Pifer
The Pifer's said…
somehow my "praying for your family" that I typed didn't get on my 1st post...opps....

I am praying for your family :)

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