So this is what we've been waiting for. A good 2 months after surgery, Jack has managed to keep his chest clear of pleural effusions. We are on 2 doses of Lasix, daily, and the aldactone and potassium. He is acting normal- has more energy than ever...and is his happy self. I remember hearing from other Fontan mom's, that suddenly after this last surgery their child had bounding energy, and I was thinking "Jack ALREADY has energy NOW, what will he be like AFTER surgery!!?"

Well, he is MORE energetic, if that is even possible. He's louder, faster, stronger- it's amazing. It's like taking your car into the shop, having it be worked on for a few hours, then suddenly, your CAR WORKS! That is how quick it feels like Jack's abilities have changed. Even the fist time we were discharged from the hospital from this surgery, he could climb the stairs without stress.

I'm so grateful for this LONG, HARD process we went through to get here. It is more rewarding than I ever imagined.


summer said…
So glad Jack is doing so well!! I was wondering if your ped. or card. gave you a hard time about Jack's weight when he was 1 and 2??? Mason is 18 months & about 16 1/2 lbs and they are so worried they want us to consider a G-Tube. I posted about it last week. Anyways, looking for a "fellow heart mom of a tiny boy's" opinion!!! or

Hugs, Summer, Mason's Mommy

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