Today we went to Primary's to see Dr. Su. Jack was pretty good for him, I can't really say the same for the poor nurse. Taking Jack's blood pressure is like pulling teeth. Heaven forbid we wrap a peice of fabric around his arm. I won't even mention the O2 sats thing we attached to his toe for a minute that sent him over the top.
All drama aside- Jack looks great, I think he is doing as well as a kid with a single-ventricle heart could BE doing. Dr. Su said he looks ready to go for surgery and will be putting in a request to Jack's surgeon Dr. Kouretis, to schedule Jack's FINAL surgery. It could be as soon as a couple of weeks, but it all depends on how the surgeons feel he is doing and whether or not he'll need another cath (
So stay tuned, we should hear in a couple of days when the date will be. And I really think....this is it this time folks.


Wright Family said…
Carla just saw the cardiologist on Wednesday. They are sending everything to Salt Lake for review and will call us with a date for the fontan as well. Seems like our kiddos are on the same track. Maybe we will meet up at Primary :)

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