Meet Jack's Surgeon

Dr. Peter Kouretas has been there since the beginning. He knows Jack inside and out. (Literally.)

This man is responsible for Jack's life, and we trust him with it. I can't imagine the pressure these doctor's feel each day, with so many special lives in their hands, but it is absolutely phenomenal that they do this service to strangers. It is something they are so good at, that they make a living of saving lives. I hope they get to go home get a good nights sleep doing what they do. Because I don't know if I would.

Dr. Kouretas will be performing the Fontan on Jack. It is where they attach the inferior vena cava to the pulmonary atery. That way, Jack's heart won't have to work as hard as it is (being that it's working twice as hard already). Once this surgery is complete, Jack's oxygen levels should raise from the 80's to 90's, he shouldn't get as winded doing normal activity, and he should visually appear pinker. (Rather than the dusky blue he is sporting right now..)

For those of you who are asking us what you can do for us during this hard time- of getting through this last surgery, please pray for Dr. Kouretas. He is the miracle maker in this combination.

The Fontan:


Anonymous said…
I hear Dr. K is awesome. Just ask the Gledhill family
Wright Family said…
Dr. Kouretas is the best and I'm sure he will do a wonderful job on Jack. We haven't gotten Carla's date yet, but he'll be doing her fontan sometime in April too. I am expecting a call from the hospital any day now. Jen Wright
Wright Family said…
Good luck tomorrow. We will be praying that Jack has a very speedy recovery. Please keep us posted on how he is doing. Jen

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