So Dr. Su emailed us to reassure us that we haven't been forgotten. He projects that Jack will have surgery sometime at towards the end of the year...(like, perhaps December 17th-ish. OR Christmas. Seriously. Happy birthday, buddy.) Who knows. But Jack HAS gained a little weight, so we've progressed from 22.2 lbs to 23.2 lbs.


I do have to say that we've been able to have a fun summer and I haven't had to keep Jack holed up inside all day due to an incision in his chest. So this really has been for the best. But he is getting noticeably more tired and he's been napping alot more. So surgery will creep up pretty soon.

Keep in touch..


Anonymous said…
What a total cutie pie.
Simmons Family: said…
I just read through Jack and your family blog... what an adventure! I can't wait to follow you through the Fontan. Thanks for sharing your blog... I'm going to add you to my link list... hope it's okay!!


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