2016 and Growing-

It is his 11th birthday tomorrow. This time, 11 years ago, I was on bedrest. I had an induction date of December 29. His due date was the 27th. He decided he was ready to face his battle with Oxygen and come into this world at 11:36pm, the night of a snow storm, the U2 concert, and my family Christmas party. Jack has always been one to compete for attention.

So here we are, 11 years later, 5 surgeries later, many months in the hospital later.... with this incredible boy who has faced EVERY obstacle fearlessly and with great strength. I look back and wonder how we all did it. But I know it was all worth it.

Jack is doing so well. We haven't had our annual visit with cardio yet this year so I'll probably do another update. But his pediatrician said that Jack's body may have finally figured out that it can keep growing at a steady pace because he's gone so long without surgery that it clicked and he's starting to catch up. He also said the very scary words "pre-pubescent" which made my heart hit the floor. But I suppose it's a milestone I should be happy about.

Jack has been able to do so many things. His restrictions are less than they were a few years ago. We have done so many adventurous things that I would never have imagined we'd be able to do with a HLHS boy. We've hiked to 10,000ft, we've snorkeled, we've gone on roller coasters. It's been a dream.

Jack will be attending Canyon Rim Academy for his 6th year in elementary, then it will be off to Middle School. This whole journey has been surreal and I recognize how lucky we are. I feel both guilty and grateful- because I my heart hurts for so many families struggling with CHD's, however I love that Jack can be a source of inspiration and hope for others. He is my hero, my rock and my purpose.

Merry Christmas... and a happy HEALTHY new year to all of you!


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