Doing well-

I know how comforting it is for parents to see other parents going through the same trials, but in the same respect, it is comforting to see those who came out of those trials WELL and are doing great!

I thought I would share a little about what Jack is up to, and how his condition affects him today.

Jack is in the 3rd grade. He will be turning 9 this December. (WHAT?!) He is extremely creative and is ALWAYS doing something. Is current love is Batman. He has a sweatshirt that looks like a bat cape and mask and has been wearing it everyday..

He also loves making things. With his love of Batman he has turned his room into a bat cave. Cutting black bats out, gluing googly eyes on them and hanging them upside down above his bed. He builds with Legos. Creating his own ships, cars, buildings and creatures. He can write books; his 2nd grade teacher showed me a book he wrote about "drugs".... and how there are "good drugs" and "bad drugs," siting "Aspirin" as a good drug.

Jack goes to Theater Camp. We tried soccer but the hot afternoons and running didn't suit him.. he enjoyed it, but couldn't always keep up. He loves to be on stage and get attention so theater was a wonderful choice. They are doing "Frozen" this season. He also attends Scouts. They have a mile long bike ride this wednesday that he is nervous about- but I'm sure he will do fine.

Last week as I picked him up from school he asked "Mom, will I need a heart transplant?" I had never prepared myself for that question. Probably, because I don't know the answer. I asked him why he was wondering. He told me someone in his class explained how her cousin had a heart transplant and has been in the hospital for months and months. He was more worried about being stuck in the hospital, than the actual transplant itself. I explained to him that his doctors haven't once mentioned a transplant, but perhaps one day he may need one. I could tell it made him nervous so I told him it wouldn't be till he was much older.

I forget sometimes how aware he is about his situation, and how he is getting older and smarter and can actually process what is going on inside his body.

He so tough, brave and incredibly active. I can't imagine what he'd be like if he was at full capacity. He would probably be levitating.

I hope you all look at your heart babies and see the miracle inside of them. I feel so lucky to be in a place where he received the care that he did.

Prayers and love to you and yours,



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