New Years Treat

So, December 31, 2013. Jack decided he was very sick. I took him to our Pediatrician and his blood pressure was waaaay up and sats down. It wasn't pneumonia, but they felt he needed to be admitted. So over to Primary's we went. Jack was diagnosed with the "metaneumovirus" which is a super nasty cousin of bronchitis.

It took lots of oxygen to keep him at 90. The Doc's wanted him to be at 90 on room air in order for him to go home. It took ONE WEEK, and me tampering with the oxygen tanks at night, and my Ped and Cardiologist to get us out of there. We let it run its course and at this point the bills were racking up. He healed- but it took a lot of time. I bought a pulse oximeter so I could watch his sats at home. It's a blessing... and a curse. But having an 8 year old in the hospital is SOOO different that it was when he was 3. He's demanding, whiny, rude, fidgety, sassy.... It was very difficult. He would say I don't care about him and cry and I would explain that I was there for him and nothing else. It was really difficult. It sort of made me grateful that we have the OHS's before the kids get attitudes and learn how to take advantage of parents.

Anyway- I'm of course grateful he is healthy and made it through unscathed. It was a huge wake-up call that just because the 3 surgeries are done, that doesn't mean life will be peaches and cream from then on. Our heart warriors are fragile and will always need extra care. I love him and hated watching him feel so crummy. Thank heavens we live so close to Primary's and have such attentive Doctors.


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