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In effort to spread awareness and help those families and organizations involved with CHD's, we've started up an Etsy Shop selling jewelry that will help celebrate our heart heroes and our heart mom's. This is a sneak preview, as the shop has not officially been advertised as "open" but here is a sample of the kind of stuff we will be making and selling. $1.00 from each sale will be donated privately to Intermountain Healing Hearts, a support group for families affect by CHD's. Thanks to those who've inspired me, motivated me, and kept me sane during our long, continuous journey with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome.

These tokens commemorate surgery dates, birth dates or any date that is special. They are wonderful reminders of how lucky we are to be influenced by such strong people. Mine holds the dates of each of Jack's open heart surgeries.

This bracelet is $18 + shipping. I can do names instead of dates, as well.
To Purchase a bracelet please email me at lisamarietrent@gmail.com.


Kris Groves said…
My son DestinI has HLHS and is now 24 years old. He had his Norwood at 7 days old at Egleston Children's Hospital in Atlanta and is the first to survive the surgery as Atlanta had just started doing this procedure. He had his Fontan at age 4 and then he only had to see his cardiologist once a year. He got married 3 months ago and I am struggling with not seeing him every day. I do not know which was worse, him getting married or having to transition him over to Emory as he had "aged out" of Egleston Children's. His only medications are Lisinopril and a baby aspirin. Every case is different and I would be happy to talk with anyone about him because I know exactly what everyone is going through.

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