The Annual Once-Over.

It's amazing to think that we only go to Cardiology once a year. It feels as though only a few months in between visits. Jack has no qualms about going to Primary's, he loves it there. Which makes it a much more pleasant experience than the dentist....

We started off in Labs, because I wanted to get the worst part over with first. Jack new he'd be having his blood drawn but to steady his nerves he'd say in a scared, broken voice "I don't think it will be that bad..." It wasn't, however he hyperventilated a bit and he has bad veins anyway that only a tiny bit of blood came out. They said they'd send it to the lab and hope it was enough, but deep down, I knew we'd be back.

From there we went to Radiology and Jack is a pro at Chest x-ray's. What a pro he is at those. The technician said "Goodness, you know just what to do!" and Jack replied "...I've done this a couple times."

After Jack reviewed his clear image on the x-ray, we went to wait for our echo. I love echoes... I always have. When we were first brought to Primary's while I was pregnant I had a fetal echo. It was warm, quiet and peaceful in the echo lab and I got to watch my baby's heart beat. It's still the same today..

Jack watched "Bolt" during the echo and made it through to the END of the movie because we had to change machines 45 minutes through to get 3D images. It was wild to see them move his heart around on the screen so I could see it from whichever angle. They showed me the "money shot" of his fontan, working hard and well to keep blood flowing to this lower body.

Before the final echo was complete I got a call saying we had to go back to the lab for more blood. Not a surprise, but also not something Jack wants to hear. When I told him he about had a mental breakdown on the echo table and I reassured him that he'd get ANOTHER prize, and he made it out just fine the first time, he could do it again. He did great- but wanted to take his blood home....

Then we finally made it to Clinic, for the final tests... blood pressure, Pulse Ox and the EKG. Jack is comfortable with all of those and had great readings. His oxygen topped out at 92%. Then the Dr. came in. We are always happy to see Dr. Su. He was the doctor that sat down with me when I was 20 weeks along to describe to me the condition of my unborn baby. I trust him, I agree with his diagnosis and he is ALWAYS available to answer my questions. Jack was happy to tell him all about what he has done in the last year, including when he fell to his hands and knees on the soccer field this summer. Dr. Su told Jack to listen to his body and rest when his body wants to rest. We decided Kung Fu is a much better hobby for Jack to pursue. The results of ALL of Jack's tests left Dr. Su very happy with where we are. We talked about my recent concern about a transplant. He told me there is no reason to prepare for that. "We are still in Plan A, which was to do the three surgeries and see how well he does with them. A transplant is the 'back-up' plan, Plan B, and we haven't gotten there yet.

It's always comforting to know that Jack is doing well and that his heart has handled everything that has be thrown at it. As Jack Kung Fu-ed all over the room Dr. Su said "It's pretty amazing."

I feel the same way. Relief has settled in and we can sit back and enjoy the year ahead.


Allison said…
Go Jack Go! We had Grant's 6 month appointment yesterday too and they brought up moving to the yearly visits after one more 6 month visit. I am not quite sure how I feel about that one! What a relief to see him doing so well, especially after the rough years he has had. He will forever be my hero.

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