DISNEYWORLD..... the first and last time we'll visit ;)

Honestly, who knows. But we were so spoiled on this trip by Make A Wish, that if we were to ever return, Jack would ask "why do we have to wait in lines?" or "why aren't you buying me every toy I ask for?"

It was truly incredible. I posted each day on my family blog, so if you are interested in living a week in Florida vicariously through us, please click away.


Neldajay said…
Hi my name is Nelda and I have a son who is HLHS too. I was wandering how well did jack did on the airplane ( I was just curious how HLHS baby do it up in the air). I would like to go back to the Philippines someday and take my kids with me... 22 hours flight. Thanks and you have a beautiful family photos and trip! God Bless!
Neldajay said…
Thanks for the info. It helped me a lot of what to expect for my son and I know what to bring to entertain him since it was a longer flight. Take care

~ Nelda

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