In case you were wondering-

Jack is doing just great.

He has been busy, running ALL over the place, and barely getting tired. It's amazing, because he really did have a lot of energy in the first place, but with improved blood flow and oxygen, he has become unstoppable. He is 25.5 lbs, which means we are ALMOST back to the weight pre-op. His feet are huge, and he is tiny, (due to his low-fat diet that we are weening..) but he is on the right track.

We have safely made it to full recovery. Although he is still on diuretic's, I can go to bed and wake up without that feeling in the pit of my stomach telling me there's a chance he may get another pleural effusion. The doctor's have been quite careful about weening him off his med's. We just deleted Aldactone from our daily administration of medication and soon- maybe, we'll knock off a dose of Lasix.

But all in all, Jack is having a ball and loving life. You can tell that he is so happy to better, he doesn't want to miss a minute. So he goes to bed late, and wakes up early ready for the next thing.

Thanks for checking in on him- we all appreciate it.

If you haven't taken THIS fun jog down memory lane... you should. Especially heart familys that need to see how resilient and amazing these kids really are..


Andrea Gunnell said…
Wow! I'm so glad to hear that he is doing great. I look forward to that day...when there are no more planned surgeries in our future and he is healthy and running around. It comforts me to hear of other kids who've made it through the third surgery and are doing great now.
Kimmie said…
Just FYI: my 8 year old who did NOT have the same pleural effusion episodes after the Fontan is STILL on one dose of Lasix a day (2ml). Granted, he probably only gets it 4times a week in reality, but for some reason or another the docs really don't seem too concerned to ever get him off. It works, so why mess with it I guess!

Jack is adorable and I LOVED those baby videos. I was just watching some of my heart baby pre-Glen today and it is just SO NICE to be in "honeymoon phase" as Dr. Cowley calls it and have all that over with...for now.

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