Does any other parent of a heart baby have issues with coughing? Jack coughs ALL the time. With no other symptoms. Sometimes the cough is wet, mostly it's dry. He wakes up coughing, coughs when he runs or over exerts himself.

It sounds like asthma doesn't it...but my pediatrician tried Albuterol and it didn't affect Jack. I'm happy that Jack isn't miserable, don't get me wrong. But who wants to be COUGHING for the rest of their lives? Not to mention peoples reactions. Whenever he coughs they look at me like " with a sick baby...retreat...retreat..." and everyone thinks he's contatgious.

He's not. Cause he's been coughing since July.

So if anyone out there shares this problem...please let me know.


Millie said…
Thanks for the comment on Colins page. Jack is such a cutie, and I enjoy reading your posts. You're so funny! Love the pics of the girls Jack will marry some day. :)
Anyway, about the cough, I've heard of the "Captopril cough". Colin had a cough for some time, but they said that it might be from his Captopril. It wasn't since it didn't last long, but I guess it can be a side affect of Captopril. It sounds like a very dry cough. After Colin's Fontan, he was put on Enalapril.
Hope it clears up soon.
Millie and Colin-HLHS
Laura Lee said…
Maybe he had a cough once and now he just coughs out of habit instead of breathing appropriately.

Kind of like me and screaming/gasping. I'm sure at one point, I was really startled or scared, but now it's just habit. I could be calm about it, but I'm used to gasping.
Wright Family said…
My mother in law has a cough from her heart medicine. So, it may just be something like that. I've also heard that having a heart condition in general can cause a cough.

Jen Wright

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