And now, we wait.

So the final conclusion after all the questions being up in the air of WHEN the surgery will be, how BIG Jack has to be and what his WEIGHT should be, we (cardiologist, surgeons, and ourselves) have all decided to wait till March. That way, we'll all be comfortable with Jack's size. Cause most likely, Jack will get BIGGER and not be shrinking over these next six months.

All doctors have given Jack the go ahead to be able to make it through the winter as long as he tolerates whatever little bumps we have along the way. Because if any mothers have secrets on how to keep their children from getting a cold during the winter..I'd love to hear them.

So we'll be looking forward to the Holiday season, Jack's 3rd birthday, and all the fun times in between!

We'll go back to Primary's in Decemebr for a check-up. Stay tuned.


Christina said…
Our Pediatrician told us to keep Jacob out of church and nursery for the winter. He said that nursery is especially germ filled as kids all play with the same toys and kids can be contagious without showing symptoms yet. We did keep Jacob home from church for 4 months and his 3 year-old sister out of nursery.

Also with our school aged daughter we made sure she washed her hands as soon as walking in the door from school.

We also put a sign on the door into the house from the garage that said "remember to wash your hands" so we would all be reminded to wash first thing when coming in from being somewhere.

We definitely had less colds last winter. I was really worried because our Cardiologist and Pediatrician wanted Jacob to get the shot to help prevent RSV and our insurance refused to cover it (even after two appeals). We feel very lucky that he did not get RSV or any other major bug last winter.

Hoping for a healthy winter for your family!

Hugs & Prayers,
Wright Family said…
Carla has only gotten one cold in her 17 months of life. Our secret is simple. Wash your hands and use ungodly amounts of hand sanitizer. I keep sanitizer at home, work and in the car. Everytime someone walks through the house door they wash and sanitize. Everytime I get back in the car from the store, etc. I sanitize. It has worked well so far, knock on wood. We also didn't take Carla out in public at all last winter (other than to the doctor). We have been taking her out this summer but are going to have to get strict again with RSV season coming up. I HATE COLD SEASON (As do all of us heart Moms I'm sure).

Good luck in your quest to keep everyone healthy :)

Jen Wright
I agree with the sanitizer and keeping you little one away from nursery. Christopher got the RSV shots all last year to help protect him (we're in Canada and they do this here but I don't think so much in the US). We were told in no uncertain terms by cardiology to avoid large crowds, including large family gatherings, shopping malls, nursery-pre-school-daycare or anywhere with lots of small children. We put a sign on our door asking people to use the hand sanitizer and made it clear no one, including family was to visit if they were sick.
We were fortunate to avoid a hospital admission this winter and just battled a few colds and some ear infections. We basically stayed home with him from November to May, having only a few visitors at a time. It was tough but worth it not to end up back in the ICU.

I also regularly washed toys/surfaces down or put in the dishwasher.

Hope you guys have a healthy winter!

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