"Dr. Soup"

So today was the big weight check- and Jack came in at 10.7 kilos, AKA 24 pounds. That is surprisingly good, I thought he'd still be 22 or even less. So perhaps my beefed up Mac'n'Cheese is working.

Dr. Su (known as "Dr. Soup" to Jack,) was happy with the weight gain and said he felt confident with go ahead with surgery, but that the surgeon would most likely want to wait longer. The problem with waiting a few more months is that the worst time of year to have surgery and be in the hospital is December through March. So it's either REALLY soon, or next spring. UNLESS, he suddenly is showing symptoms and needs to have surgery right away.

So now we await news from Primary's.

After the visit there, we went right up to the U to see Dr. Norlin, Jack's pediatrician, who had us come see him just because he is a sweet, caring man, and wanted to check on Jack's well being. He had nothing but good things to say also, and is going to get in touch with Dr. Su.

So once again, we begin the waiting game. Sorry to get everyone all hyped up with surgery dates and CATH's and everything. I promise, he will really have this surgery someday...


I'm glad to hear that you have Dr. Su he is awesome. Brinley our daughter was one of his first patients when he arrived from Texas Children's Medical Center. Jack seems like a strong little guy, I know its tough putting life on hold because of the surgery but at least your close to the hospital and he's doing good. In the heart world with these kids bigger is better and if he's gaining weight its still a good sign. Brinley slowed her weight gain to only 4 oz. in four months, thats when we really knew it was getting close to surgery...

Mike & Family
Brytten said…
Our son Teagan just had his Glenn last month and hopefully will get to go home this weekend. It's good to find some one getting the Fontan, we will follow his journey.
Heart Hugs- Brytten
Sorry our blog is teagandashpettit.
Aimee and Hardy said…
That's great news Lisa. I'm glad Dr. Su thinks they can do it if they need to. Jack is so adorable. My family are all big fans. Keep us posted regarding his surgery.

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