Stage 2, The Glenn

Jack had the Glenn August 9th, 2006. It was post-poned TWICE, because the cath he had to prep for surgery the first time, sent his Oxygen levels into the 30's. (which is bad, they are supposed to be in the 90's) so he ended up intubated and back in the PICU. So he needed to recover from that, then right before the rescheduled surgery he fell off the bed and they decided to postpone AGAIN.

So- August 9th. His surgery was about 5 hours, they said they were happy with how things went and that he did well. He came out of surgery looking GREAT but when he woke up he immediately started to tear his face apart to get the oxygen tube out of his nose. He was very tired, and gloomy.

In just a few days however, he was sitting up, smiling, playing, and quite ready to go home. He continuously torn his monitors off, setting off multiple alarms, which was a big hint he was ready to go home.

Jack came home on Lasix to push the fluids out of his body, dijoxin to help his blood pressure, and baby aspirin. But soon- was only on the aspirin.

He came home and was happy and cheerful, despite the huge wound holding his chest together. He healed really well, and we looked forward to a whole year of no surgeries.

(Next surgery, The Fontan)


Monica said…
Thanks for sharing your experience, Lisa. My daughter has HLHS and is about to have the Glenn procedure next month in Philadelphia. We are nervous but she has been doing so well that we are very hopeful. It's good to hear your son is healing well too.

I wish I had a blog to share but it's been hard to have two free hands to type lately! :) Anyway, peace and blessings to you.
Coqolicious said…
My daughter Jordyn has been in CHoP since 1/12 waiting for her Glenn. She's getting it this Friday. Just keep us in your prayers.

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