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2020 (Is that really a real year?)

I plan on printing this whole blog as a recollection of Jack's journey, his childhood, and his progress. He has grown up so much in the last few years. Next fall he will technically be a freshman in High School (?!!) I'm so proud of him because I see the challenges he faces every day and he keeps on going.  (Jack 6th grade) (Jack 7th grade)  Jack struggled a bit with the transition to Jr. High. His friends changed, he changed, his grades went down a bit and he got in a rut. We changed schools, adjusted his social atmosphere and got him on some ADHD medication as well as a therapist to talk to. I believe although it was a massive recovery that happened quickly r obviously, those steps were important and have helped him in the long run.   (Jack 8th grade) This is Jack's final year in Jr. High. We was accepted to a Charter school called Paradigm High School and will be attending there for the rest of his grade-school career. He is smart, talented, an excellen

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