Assistance, please.

For those of you with heart babies, you know that the expenses are ridiculous, to say the least. But while you are in the middle of surgeries and frequent hospital visits, all you can tell yourself is "it's all worth it."

We are on independent plans with Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield. My husband is self-employed, and our health insurance premium is $1200 a month. Being that we have completed our three heart surgeries, and Jack shouldn't have as many hospital visits in the future, we can't afford that 1200/mon anymore.

Does anyone out there have their heart baby covered by the State? And if so, how did you go about doing it, or do you have any tips or suggestions for me? I'm currently trying to get Jack covered on his own plan, separate from Josh and I so we can somehow save some money.

But I am about at a loss,

So suggestions would be graciously accepted.

Thank you ~


Neldajay said…
Lisa Marie,
I think I can give you some tips. My email add is
Hi! I just found your blog! I am currently 24 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby. We found out just 2 weeks ago that our baby has HLHS.

I am currently on pregnancy only medicaid. That will then qualify our baby for coverage for the first year of life. After that we will have to reapply. I do know that medicaid is income based. Also, our hospital social worker told us that we should be able to collect social security/disability. I hope that helps.

Feel free to visit my blog. We are just begining our journey with HLHS. Blessings to you and your family!
Anonymous said…
You should have a social worker at either his Dr's office or from Children's Hospital to assist you in getting Jack on Medicaid. The state does provide health insurance for those with terminal medical conditions which HLHS falls under. He will also qualify for social security disability but you can never have $2,500.00 in assets to actually collect. So I don't know any who don't have assets under $2,500.00 =(. My son has HLHS & has state insurance but won't be able to collect any SSD to assist with the costs uncured by me having to be a full time stay at home mom now...
Anonymous said…
My son was born 10-25-10. We found out the next night that he had HLHS. They didnt see it in any of our ultrasounds and we were floored by this.
He gets to come home next week but with some machines to monitor his growth. We are going to apply for SSI but wanted to know if any other mom's of HLHS have done so and were awarded it.
This is my third child and i feel so blessed that things have gone well so far. But im soo scared and just want my home. Any advice?
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