Sweet little Bridger

A dear heart family lost their little boy last week. Bridger was such a fighter, and he had the best parents during his lifetime to help support him and love him through and through. Bridger was Jack's neighbor in the PICU during April, and he was always such a sweet spirit. He would be playing on the mat on the PICU floor and soaking up every minute as though he knew to cherish the moments. He was an old soul, and a wise little heart baby.

Bridger's mom Staci was a wonderful example to me. When I was crying after day 5 in the PICU I realized that they had been here for weeks and I immediately was filled with gratitude for my son's strength, and his tolerance for hospital life. After our many returns to Primary's, during our last visit I was sitting on the patio after a really hard day with Jack. I was feeling like I was losing his spirit and his personality due to our 3 weeks of living at the hospital. Staci came outside and said she thought I needed to talk, and she was right. She was the perfect person to talk to. She stayed every day there with Bridger for weeks and weeks, and her attitude never buckled. She was such an inspiration to me.

I hope the Smith's will always carry Bridger's strength with them, and that they understand how influential they have been as a family unit. We will always remember Bridger and his sweet parent's. May everyone's thoughts and prayers be with them, as they say goodbye.


Neldajay said…
Condolence to your friend's family. This very sad. I hope Bridger left a lot of wonderful memories that his family to treasure.

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